Mindy Hayward-Hauck

Stroller Strides & Fit4Baby Instructor

Mindy began going to Stroller Strides in September 2014 after finding out she was pregnant with her daughter. Her son was 16 months old at the time, and she had been struggling to work exercise back into her daily routine. Knowing it would be even more difficult to find time to workout with 2 little ones running around, she knew Stroller Strides would be perfect for her and her growing family.

Always active and on-the-go, Mindy also enjoys dancing and choreography, and has appeared on stages throughout the Columbus area with Columbus Children's Theatre, Pleasure Guild of Nationwide Children's Hospital, Standing Room Only Theatre, and others. Also an avid runner, she has run 4 half marathons and numerous 10k's and 5k's. Mindy became a FIT4MOM instructor in January 2016, and loves sharing her love of fitness and motherhood with other mamas in the Columbus area. Motherhood isn't easy - take care of yourself so you can take care of your baby!

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