The Hardest Part is Showing Up

Our job as instructors and leaders at FIT4MOM is to make sure you have the best hour of your day! Sometimes what keeps you from coming to class are fussy babies, sleepless nights, and low energy. And we want to make sure you know that if you come to class on those mornings you will not be alone! We are a village of moms who are all a little blurry eyed and a little frazzled most days. We have created a safe space for moms to come as they are and enjoy the company of other women who are in the same stage of life. Surrounded by women who will build you up and remind you of how strong and capable you are. Each class is taught with positive and inspiring energy to give you one fabulous hour just for YOU.

However, as moms we know that our children may have other plans. Keeping your babies happy in the stroller is part of OUR job as instructors. Some babies may sleep, eat or fuss in class. ALL are OK. Our instructors are happy to push your stroller, hold, feed or soothe your child and help in keeping him/her happy throughout class. Babies are not a distraction for us. They are the reason we do what we do!

To help keep the children as happy as possible we keep the strollers moving! We place babies in the shade as much as possible to keep them cool and we do LOTS of singing, tickles, kisses, books and bubbles to keep them engaged. Don't worry if your little one is not familiar with the stroller yet. We can help!

Stroller Strides was created for you, mama. This is YOUR Village. Embrace the sisterhood in motherhood.

Let us help so you can make this YOUR hour.

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