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Mama Spotlight #001

Let's get to know the mamas of FIT4MOM Columbus North!!

Our first mama is Brittany Beck. She recently attended her 100th class! We are lucky to have her and her family in our village! Let's find out a little more about her!

Name: Brittany Beck

Hometown: I’ve lived in MN, IN, OK, WI, and OH... so hometown is relative 😉

Tell us about your family: Sophie (1 1/2) And Drew

Current/previous career: Pharmaceutical sales (just celebrated 10 years!)

How did you find FIT4MOM?: Googling mommy and me fitness classes

Tell us what you love about FIT4MOM: I love that I get to have that precious time with my daughter while still working out and meeting other moms! We have so much fun being outside, singing songs and I love being able to watch her now trying to do push-ups, burpees, and mountain climbers after watching me for so long.

Favorite exercise: I have to say anything with the parachute because Sophie’s reaction is priceless!

What piece of advice can you pass on to other mamas?: Have fun and enjoy all the little moments! Use the attitude of “I get to...” vs “I have to...” even during those 3am snuggle sessions when you are exhausted 😊

Favorite local place to take your little one(s): Orange park

Favorite local restaurant for date night: Marcellas

Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate

Looking for a supportive, judgment free group of mamas and little ones? We would love to meet you! Come meet Brittany and the other mamas! Join us for a FREE class any day and/or attend one of our free play groups, and Mom's Night Out events! We give moms the Strength in Motherhood. We have all heard 'It takes a Village' and our village is waiting for YOU! #themotherhoodisreal

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